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Nneka Obiamalu Director, PSSD

PSSD works closely with other departments to deliver services to our pensioners in a way that shows our culture of empathy, respect and care for the men and women who have served Nigeria meritoriously. PSSD provides optimal support services to pensioners by ensuring that all pensioners’ issues and complaints are resolved promptly and effectively, open, consistent communication and feedback has been a key success factor in managing relationships with pensioner bodies and their members.

PSSD provides pensioners and stakeholders a multi-faceted access to PTAD including

  • A call center with toll free lines
  • A walk in contact center at the head office
  • State offices
  • A robust web based complaints management system that includes a specially designed and user-friendly complaints portal integrated to the website for computer-literate pensioners
  • Social media and
  • Emailing platforms.

When PTAD took over the management of the Defined Benefits Scheme (DBS) in August 2013, the agency inherited over 50,000 complaints with a further 20,000 submitted by pensioners in the months that followed. Since then, the PSSD has been processing these complaints with remarkable success stories for our pensioners. In June 2016, a special project was undertaken to resolve the backlog of complaints, which reduced the complaints to about 35,000 in the first instance. Duplicates, stale and ineligible complaints were removed.


The key functions of the Pensioner Support Services Department (PSSD) include:

  • Manage pensioner relationships through the Walk-in Contact Centre, Call Centre and State Offices which serve as the first point of contact for pensioners who reach out to PTAD to resolve their complaints.
  • Manage registered complaints and enquiries by providing initial assessment of submitted documentation as well as investigating and analyzing claims to ensure prompt resolution.
  • Provide pensioners with feedback on their complaints and related issues
  • Conduct biometric data capture of pensioners through in-house and field exercises, mobile verification for the infirmed. Pensioners who miss scheduled field exercises are attended to and captured at the office.
  • Support pension departments with their engagement with pensioner unions, (federal and state) during meetings and workshops with a view to establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with the unions.
  • Measures pensioner satisfaction through surveys and other mechanisms. This is done towards improving the service delivery to pensioners.

The department operates with the conviction that the enhancement of the service delivery and complaints resolution is continuous. We commit to providing a reassuring and caring pensioner experience while maintaining high standard of professionalism.


  1. COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT UNIT is dedicated to complaints resolution. It comprises of two sub-units:

– Call Centre

– Contact Centre

The Call center manages interaction with pensioners through the telephones, emails and web-based complaints/enquiries complaints while the walk-in Contact Centre provides physical service with pensioners and other stakeholders who visit the head office with complaints or enquiries. Both sub-units resister, investigate, resolve and provide immediate feedback to pensioners on a variety of issues related to their pension on a daily basis. PTAD has a toll free number 0800-2255-7823 through which pensioners can contact us.

  1. The VERIFICATION UNIT is responsible for the accurate collation of pensioner data through biometric data capture and validation of pensioners’ records. This is achieved through:
  1. In-house verification for pensioners who visit the head office
  2. Mobile verification for pensioners who cannot attend field verifications due to ill-health

Pensioners who miss scheduled field verification exercises for any reason, including those residing outside the country, are attended to in-house. The verification team at the head office ensures that they are captured while mobile verification teams visit pensioners in their homes to verify them, no matter how remote their locations. These measures ensure that no pensioner is left out or denied their pension entitlements on the grounds of missing a verification exercise.

  1. STATE LIAISON OFFICES are replications of the modern business environment available at the head offices, designed with the overall aim of bringing services closer to pensioners. The presence of these offices in the states gives pensioners immediate access to key services available at the head office, thereby eliminating the need for pensioners to travel long distances to lodge complaints. All state offices have a unified electronic data and complaints management system that is online real time that allows them to register pensioner complaints and initiate the resolution process from the state office.


Pensioners with complaints and/or enquiries can reach out to PSSD through any of the following channels:

  • TELEPHONE –          0800-2255-7823 (Toll Free), +234(0)9-462-1700 (charges apply)
  • EMAIL –             [email protected]
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – @PTADNigeria (Twitter & Facebook)

OFFICES –          Pensioners can also visit any of the offices below:

FCT/ABUJA PTAD Head Office, 22 Katsina-Ala Crescent, Off Yedseram Street, Maitama, Abuja 09-4621727, 09-4621722
LAGOS Old National Assembly Complex, High Court Building, TBS, Lagos 08136048117
KANO Kano State Pension Fund Trustees Complex, No 9 Sokoto Road, Kano 08035995461
ENUGU Federal Secretariat Complex, Independence Layout, Enugu 08138408305
EDO Ethiope House (1st Floor), Edo State Pensions Bureau (Beside Oredo L.G.A Secretariat) Benin City 08131670504
KADUNA Federal Secretariat Complex, Kawo Quarters, Kaduna 08130464417
YOLA Federal Secretariat Complex, Jimeta, Yola 08025011634

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