1.0 What does PTAD stand for?

PTAD is an acronym for Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate.  PTAD is a wholly treasury funded extra-ministerial agency under Federal Ministry of Finance, responsible for the management of pensions under the old pension scheme (Defined Benefit Scheme-DBS) for pensioners who did not transit to the new Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) which is currently in effect in Nigeria.

2.0 What is the difference between the Defined Benefit Scheme (DBS) & the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS)?

The Defined Benefit Scheme (DBS) is the pension scheme that was in effect in Nigeria until 2007 when it was replaced with the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) as stipulated in the Pension Reform Act (PFA) 2004 and 2014.

Under the DBS, the total pension obligation is borne by government as against the CPS where the accumulated pension at retirement is based on a pension plan in which an employer/employee contribute in varying percentages to build a retirement fund for an individual.

Under the CPS, the pension fund exists from the onset and payments can be made as at when due unlike the DBS which is wholly dependent on government treasury for funding.

3.0 Who are the Pensioners under PTAD management?

Any federal public sector employee entitled to retirement benefits who retired on or before the 30th day of June 2007 and has worked in any of the pension groups below falls under PTAD management.

Pension Groups (Departments) under PTAD (in accordance with Section 43 (3) of the Pension Reform Act):

  • The Civil Service Pension Department (CSPD)
  • The Police Pension Department (PPD)
  • The Customs, Immigration and Prisons Pension Department (CIPPD)
  • The Treasury Funded Parastatals Pension Department (PaPD)
  • The Pension Support Services Department (PSSD)

3.1 What of State Pensioners?

There are also some state pensioners who are entitled to federal share. To be a state pensioner with federal share, a retiree must have been in employment for one of the regions of Nigeria before 31st day of March 1976 and retired before the 31st day of March 2011.

The following public sector employees irrespective of when they retired are however NOT under PTAD’S jurisdiction:

  • The categories of persons mentioned in S. 291 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended): Judicial officers of the Supreme Court & Court of Appeal;
  • Members of the Armed Forces
  • The intelligence and secret services of the Federation

4.0 Why is verification necessary?

It is necessary for PTAD to carry out Verification Exercise to ascertain the proof of life and create a credible database of all pensioners under the Defined Benefit Scheme (DBS)

PTAD did not inherit a credible pensioners’ database, there is therefore an urgent need to verify all pensioners under the DBS to enable PTAD resolve their complaints: The verification of pensioners is aimed at:

  • The establishment of an accurate, credible, and digitized database of pensioners under DBS and for complaint resolution
  • Eliminating duplicate payments and ghost pensioners
  • Regularizing anomalies such as over payments and under payments
  • Obtaining relevant work records to ensure accurate computation of pension payment
  • Updating the records of the Next Of Kin (NOK) for payment of death benefit

4.1 What documents are needed for verification?

Documents required for verification may vary from one pension group to another;

1. Parastatal Pensioners

  • Letter of First Appointment.
  • Letter of Confirmation.
  • Letter of Last Promotion.
  • Approved Letter of Retirement.
  • Evidence of Change of Name (where applicable).
  • Evidence of Transfer of Service (where applicable).
  • BVN Registration Slip (stamped and signed by the bank).
  • Original and Stamped Bank Statement for the last one month.
  • Valid means of Identification (Driving License, Int’l Passport, National ID Card or Voters Registration Card).
  • Due Pensioners               –            Birth Certificate/Sworn Affidavit of Age
  • Disengaged Retirees      –            Evidence of Payment of Gratuity/ Severance Pay Slip

2. Civil Service Pensioners

  • Letter/Gazette of 1st appointment
  • Letter/Gazette of confirmation of appointment
  • Letter/Gazette of last Promotion
  • Letter/Notice of retirement approved by a competent Authority
  • Severance Pay slip(Disengaged Retirees only)
  • Evidence of change of name (Where applicable)
  • Duly stamped and signed NUBAN Bank statement on the Bank letterhead from period of retirement or date from which complaint was made till date
  • Computation Sheet duly stamped and signed by The state Auditor (State Pensioners with Federal Share)
  • Birth Certificate/Age Declaration (Due Pensioners only)
  • 1 coloured Passport Photograph
  • Approval Letter of Merger/Condonation from Head of service OHCF (For those who merged their service).

3. Customs, Immigration and Prisons Pensioners

  • Letter/Gazette of 1st appointment
  • Letter/Gazette of confirmation of appointment
  • Letter/Gazette of last Promotion
  • Original Stamped & Signed Bank
  • Approval Letter of Merger/Condonation of service (Where Applicable).
  • Evidence of Change of Name (Where applicable)
  • Birth Certificate/Age Declaration (Due Pensioners only)
  • Letter/Acceptance of Retirement
  • Severance Pay Slip(For Downsized Officers)
  • Identity Card

4. Police Pensioners

  • Letter of Enlistment
  • Letter of Approval of Retirement
  • Pension Advice
  • Letter of Merger of service (for demoted officers)
  • Current Bank Statement
  • Letter of Identification/Introduction
  • Letter/Gazette of confirmation
  • Letter/Gazette of last Promotion
  • Identity Card


4.2 What is the period of bank statement needed for verification?

Duly stamped and signed NUBAN Bank statement on the Bank letterhead from period of retirement or date from which complaint was made till date

Where there is no complaint, bank statement for the last six months should be provided.

5.0 Who is a Next of Kin (NOK)?

The Next-of-Kin (NOK) is the individual chosen by the principal to inherit his or her entitlement in the event of his/her death.

The NOK could be the child, wife, brother, parent, friend or any relation of the deceased,   selected by the deceased while he/she was alive.


5.1 If there are more than one NOK, do we all need to be present for verification?

Yes. You all need to be present as NOKs. Verification can only be successful and recognized when all NOKs are present in compliance to the will of the deceased pensioner.

5.2 What are the documents needed for NOK verification?

Depending on the department, documents required for verification of NOKs varies. Here is the list of documents required;

  • Letter/Gazette of 1st appointment/Letter of Enlistment
  • Letter/Gazette of 1st Confirmation of Appointment
  • Letter/Gazette of Last promotion
  • Approved Letter of Retirement/Disengagement.
  • Severance Pay Slip (Disengaged Retirees Only)
  • Evidence of payment of Gratuity.
  • Computation Sheet stamped and signed by the State Auditor General ( for State pensioners with Federal Shares only).
  • Death Certificate of the Deceased from a Government recognized hospital or National Population Commission
  • Letter of Administration from a Federal High Court
  • Birth Certificate of NOK
  • Letter of Introduction from MDA(Death in active service)
  • Record of Service
  • NOK Identity card (Driving License, Int’l Passport, National ID Card or Voters Registration Card)
  • Letter of Introduction from the Command Headquarters (Police)
  • Letter of Introduction from the Association of War Affected Police Officers (AWARPO).
  • Letter of Amnesty from the Police Service Commission (Police).
  • Joint Account of NOKs(Duly Stamped/Signed)
  • Marriage Certificate (For Spouses)
  • Duly signed and stamped NUBAN Joint Bank Account Statement of the NOK (s) with bank logo.
  • Stamped Bank Verification Number (BVN) Slip print out of the NOK (s).
  • One (1) colored Passport Photograph for each NOKs
  • Duly signed and stamped NUBAN Bank Account Statement of the deceased from retirement till date.
  • Birth certificates/sworn affidavit of the NOK (s)
  • Evidence of change of name (Where applicable)
  • Evidence of Transfer of Service (where applicable)

6.0 Can a sick or bedridden pensioner be verified?

Yes. PTAD undertakes mobile verification to homes and hospitals to verify sick and bedridden pensioners who are unable to physically come to our verification centres.

To qualify for mobile verification, pensioners should send proof of incapacity either through a medical report from a recognized government hospital or a picture showing the state of condition of the pensioner.

The following categories of pensioners qualify for mobile verification;

  • Terminally ill Pensioners
  • Very Old and weak Pensioners
  • Infirmed Pensioners

6.1 How can PTAD be contacted for Mobile Verification?

Relations of sick pensioners can contact PTAD for mobile verification through our Website complaints portal at: www., or our toll free line (080-CALL-PTAD, 080-2255-7823) 09-4621721, 09-4621722. Pensioners can directly send an email to [email protected] or our Facebook and Twitter handles.

6.2 When is the next phase of verification?

PTAD has concluded verification for Civil Service, Police, Customs, Immigration and Prison Pensioners while verification of pensioners under treasury funded Parastatals has taken off with the verification of pensioners of defunct agencies across the country.

7.0 What are the likely reasons why a pensioner can be taken off the payroll?

You may have been removed from payroll due to the following reasons;

  • Inconsistent or incomplete employment records
  • Inconsistent or incomplete Bank details
  • An over payment of monthly pension has been discovered
  • Ineligibility based on verification outcome
  • Lack of BVN number attributed to an account
  • Receipt of Death Notification
  • NOK attaining the age of 18 years (Section 6)

7.1 I have made a complaint and submitted all the required documents. How long will it take to resolve my complaint?

Your complaint will go through a vetting process before it can be resolved and approved for payment.  Usually it is expected that complaint should be resolved expeditiously however, can vary in their complexity and may require additional processing time

8.0 Can spouses who are pensioners use the same bank account to receive their pension?

No. The reason payment cannot be approved is that pension payment are solely based on individual basis

8.1 Can a corporate or a business account be used to receive pensions?

No. Pension payments are made to individuals, not corporate entities.

9.0 How do I make a complaints of short payment, non-payment of gratuities and pensions etc.?

Complaints can be submitted online via our website or visit any of our State offices and submit your complaint

Complete the complaint form and submit online or via email to [email protected]

Complaints can also be made by calling PTAD toll free on 080-2255-7823 (080-CALL-PTAD) to speak to any of our call center agents.

Documents required may include, but not limited to;

  • First appointment letter
  • Last promotion letter
  • Retirement letter
  • Stamped and signed original Bank Statement on the bank letter head, covering at least six (6) Months before complaint or six months prior to retirement (for non-payment of gratuity).

10. What is the procedure for a pensioner to change his/her bank account for pension payment?

A pensioner can change his/her bank account through the following procedures,

  1. Obtain statement of account from existing bank
  2. Obtain a letter of non-indebtedness from existing bank
  3. Provide BVN Print out from current existing bank
  4. Submit documents to the new intended Bank.
  5. Write a notification letter to PTAD with copies of above documents.

11. How do I correct an information error after I have been verified?

Send a notification to PTAD attaching a photocopy of the verification print out and the supporting document for the change.

12. Why monthly pensions are sometimes delayed?

A number of reasons may cause delay to receipt of monthly pension;

  • Non- availability of funds
  • Change in bank records or account numbering system
  • Technical glitches on the e-payment platform
  • Operational delays by banks

13. Can I still be verified if I missed verification in my zone?

The Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate has currently suspended walk-in verification at its HQ and state liaison offices of pensioners captured under the Defined Benefit Scheme (DBS) until further notice.

The suspension will affect pensioners under the Civil Service Pension Department (CSPD), the Police Pensions Department (PPD) and the Customs, Immigration and Prisons Pension Department (CIPPD).

This is to allow PTAD conclude computation exercise for monthly pension payment due to pensioners whose data was collated and verified from across Nigeria.

Normally, If you missed the verification in your zone, you could still be verified at our Abuja HQ.

To enable us schedule you for verification, kindly scan and email the following documents to [email protected]

1. letter or gazette of first appointment
2. letter or gazette of confirmation of appointment
3. letter or gazette of last promotion
4. letter of retirement
5. Evidence of BNV
6. Computation sheet (If you worked with the state government and you have Federal share)

14. What is the status of the 33% arrears?

In 2014, the Federal Government approved an increment in pensions, effective July 2010, and PTAD commenced payment of the 33% pension payment increase in October 2014, and all arrears for the year 2014 were paid in December 2014.

Payments continued in 2016 and additional payments were made in November 2017 to all agencies that have arrears. As at April 2019, PTAD has been able to offset some of the arrears from all the pension departments as follows:


CSPD                                   42                                      NIL

CIPPD                                  42                                      NIL

PPD                                     42                                      NIL

PaPD                                    42                                     NIL

15. I am a diaspora pensioner. How do I get verified?

In partnership with Nigeria missions/Embassies abroad. PTAD is in the process of working out a verification process for all diaspora pensioners. In the meantime, any pensioner on a visit home can come to PTAD Headquarters in Abuja any day of the week to be verified. Please ensure you come along with all documents required for verification as listed above.

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