Good morning everyone,

You are all welcome to this training on Public Service Rules, Work Ethics and other relevant Government Regulations.

The training is in furtherance of my commitment to ensuring that every PTAD staff is knowledgeable and competent in their core functions and also well-grounded in the public service rules.

Following the ratification of the Staff Conditions of Service and Schemes of Service by the Office of the Head of Service. The PTAD Conditions of Service/ Scheme of Service, Policies and Standard Operation Procedures, all provide guidance on how we work and render service to our stakeholders.

Recall that with a view to addressing the grievances raised by staff, an audit and placement exercise was conducted in 2017, resulting in the proper placement and confirmation of all eligible staff. We have made progress from that placement and confirmation exercise and it is now time to identify and reward staff who have excelled in their duty by promoting them to the next grade level. I urge you all to take the training seriously as it will be immensely beneficial to all of you. This training will serve as:

i. A revision for all officers preparing for their promotion examination
ii. An excellent induction for new staff
iii. A refresher program for senior management and all other staff.

PTAD’s mandate, to administer the pensions of all pensioners under the Defined Benefit Scheme, is a call to national and humanitarian service. We must be innovative, accountable and transparent in the discharge of our duties, especially against the backdrop of the previous experience that pensioners have had with pension administration in Nigeria. Our Mission “To provide exceptional, transparent and technology driven pension services through a dedicated and competent workforce” was based on this conviction.

For the next two days, please pay attention, seek clarification and make observations that can improve the public service practice in Nigeria. I use this opportunity to wish everyone preparing for the promotion examination success in the exams.
Good luck and best wishes.

Thank you.

Sharon O. Ikeazor
Executive Secretary