The Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) wishes to inform unverified pensioners under the Defined Benefit Scheme (DBS) who are resident in the diaspora that a special dispensation window has been created to ensure they are verified and payrolled to receive monthly pension payments.
Diaspora pensioners will need to fulfill the following conditions to ensure they are verified:

1. Submission of employment records through a third party to establish eligibility. Kindly note that all original documents must be sighted by a PTAD Officer.

The required documents are:

• Letter/Gazette of 1st appointment
• Letter/Gazette of confirmation of appointment
• Letter/Gazette of last Promotion
• Letter/Notice of retirement approved by a competent Authority
• Severance Pay slip(Disengaged Retirees only)
• Evidence of change of name (Where applicable)
• Duly stamped and signed NUBAN Bank statement on the Bank letterhead from date when complaint was made till date
• Computation Sheet duly stamped and signed by The state Auditor (State Pensioners with Federal Share)
• Birth Certificate/Age Declaration
• 1 colored Passport Photograph
• Approval Letter of Merger/Condonation from Head of service OHCF (For those who merged their service).

2. Submission of Life Identification Certificate issued by Nigeria High Commission.

For more information on PTAD, please log on to or call 09-4621700-22 (Rates Apply), 0800-2255-7823 (Toll Free). To lodge a complaint, send an email to [email protected].