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[vc_column_text]Customer Help Desk & Call Centre

  • Manage reception and determine the appropriate department/section or unit to deal with visitors.
  • Facilitate efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery to pensioners and stakeholders in pension administration by ensuring the comfort of all visitors, managing the visitor’s waiting room and maintaining a visitor’s register.
  • Receive new pensioners, register and validate claims to be passed on to the appropriate departments.
  • Receive calls from pensioners, return calls recorded on voicemail, deal with inquiries and maintain a log of calls with solutions provided.
  • Develop and maintain a log of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) to be placed on PTAD’s website and updated as and when necessary.
  • Respond to enquiry emails sent to PTAD on pension related issues and maintain a log/file of responses.

Pensioner Complaints

  • Receive all pensioners’ complaints and prepare a complaints/correspondence report to record all issues.
  • Investigate and ensure the resolution of all pensioners’ complaints and dispatch to the appropriate department for further processing.
  • Maintain a comprehensive complaints register and log.
  • Track and monitor the outcome of all complaints forwarded to the relevant departments and maintain a list of resolved complaints.
  • Continuously review lists of all unresolved complaints and escalate where necessary.

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  • Inspectorate/State Coordination
    • Receive all pensioner documentation from the state offices including fresh cases and complaints for onward delivery to the appropriate unit.
    • Disseminate information to the state offices as and when required.
    • Regularly monitor the state offices through supervisory visits to ensure compliance with PTAD’s standards and policies.
    • Ensure that comprehensive pensioners’ nominal rolls are prepared by all the pension departments and are regularly updated.
  • Validation and Biometric Data Capture (Head Office)
    • Plan and implement the general validation and biometric data capture exercise for PTAD’s pensioners.
    • Conduct daily ongoing validation and biometric data capture.
    • Collate information and reports from ongoing biometric data capture centers (e.g. local government banks) and identify unverified pensioners.
    • Prepare periodical reports for the departments to ensure removal of unverified pensioners from the payrolls.
    • Receive biometric data captured and validation documents from the states for onward delivery to the appropriate departments.
    • Collate and manage database of all validated and verified pensioners.
    • Liaise with IT department to produce reports on validated and verified pensioners on demand.
  • State Offices
    • Receive all pensioners’ documents; validate and conduct a biometric data capture of all new pensioners.
    • Send all collated documentation to the head office with a weekly report.
    • Assist head office in the planning and execution of (I’m alive) data capture exercises.
    • Liaise regularly with the state level stakeholders e.g. state NUP offices.

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Director General, PTAD

She is the pioneer Director General of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) which was established in …[/vc_column_text]Read More[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]